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How to Kick a Crummy Week in the Tail

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

You know when you have one of those weeks when you feel like you're in an episode of The Twilight Zone? Nothing goes right. Nothing feels right. You wake up in the morning and think that you have envisioned how the day should play out, but it ends up just the opposite. The people you encounter seem to treat you like The Creature from the Black Lagoon. And to top it all off, that darned groundhog saw his shadow. Really? Another six weeks of winter.

Then, you realize it's Friday. You survived - in one piece. Externally, anyway. Hooray! Life isn't so bad. Right? As the hours wind down at work, you can hear that sweet note of freedom that is calling you home. But, when you get home, the kids are fussy, and the family is demanding dinner. Alas, you accept defeat. No peace. No quiet. No freedom.

Now what? Do you give up, walk away, tell everyone that Mom is taking the night off, and leave the family to fend for themselves? No. That would be another tally mark for the Dark Side, and it's time to push the energy flow in a new direction.

So, what do you do? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Dance. At my house we call it Dance Party Friday Night. Put on your comfy sweats, kick off the shoes, close the blinds, and dance with your kids, with your dog, with your cat, with yourself. It really doesn't matter as long as you get lost in the music. Be silly. Laugh. Let go! Oh, and order a pizza!

2. Sing. Loud. Like really loud. Turn on your favorite songs and pour your heart into them. Let the people walking by on the sidewalks outside hear you chirp. It's okay. They can't call the cops on you for singing out of tune. Or, can they?!

3. Play video games. Race cars. Escape to other worlds. Create characters. Use magic. I'm not judging. Be a kid. You'll be amazed at how the time will fly. Plus, I bet your kids will love it.

4. Sit outside and stargaze. I love watching for shooting stars, and I'm always in awe at how often I see them. There's something very peaceful about staring up at the sky - the moon, the clouds, the blackness, the twinkling lights. Try it.

5. Read some classic literature. There are so many valuable lessons to be learned, and I love the a-ha moments when I'm reminded how very similar people in the 1500, 1600s, 1800s were to us. The lessons the authors wrote about then are lessons that still apply to our lives now. There's comfort being reminded that you're not the only one to experience a challenging week and that this, too, shall pass.

So, turn off your phone, step away from the negativity, let go of the past, and do something fun. This week is over. Focus on the present. Tomorrow is a new day, and it's going to be great!

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