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Revise Your Life Coaching LLC

Lisa is a Certified Life & Health Coach. Her primary focus is on helping women, single parents, and teens who feel stressed, lost, and overwhelmed as they wade through life's transitions to finally find clarity, direction, and peace. 

Stressed Woman

Feeling Frustrated?

Is this you?

  • I'm an exhausted new mom.

  • I'm an overwhelmed single parent. 

  • I'm a bored, unappreciated stay-at-home parent.

  • I'm a not-sure-how-to-talk-to-my-teen parent.

  • I'm feeling stuck and not sure why. 

  • I'm lacking confidence and in a negative space.

  • I'm a not-sure-which-direction to go individual.

  • I'm struggling with relationships in my life.

  • I'm a don't-have-time for my kids parent.

  • I'm feeling unhappy and want to feel better.

  • I'm unable to let go of the past.

  • I'm working through a divorce and unsure where to go next.

  • I'm an individual who ________________________ , and it's too much. 

If you connected with any of the above, let's talk.

Meet Lisa

Certified Life & Health Coach

I believe we grow through life's challenges. Even though the road is not always easy, obstacles allow us opportunities to understand more about ourselves, give us a chance to make positive changes, and move toward new desires in life.

     I love working with people because I know finding joy and peace is possible. I have experienced it for myself. I work with individuals struggling with stress, overwhelm, frustration, or anxiety that is causing feelings of imbalance, discontent, chaos, and disorder. They may be going through a transition from becoming a new parent to divorce and single parenting. They may be starting a new job or returning to work with small children. They may even be trying to go back to school as a parent with teens. And yes -I've been through them all, which is why I am here to support you in finding calm, self love, happiness, and balance in your life again. 


What I Specialize In

Helping Single Parents & Families

Life & Healing During and After Divorce

Letting Go of the Past & Focusing on the Future

Setting Goals, Self-Esteem, & Confidence

Teen Coaching, Mentoring, & Tutoring

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Barefeet on Sand

Peace and Happiness Begin on the Path of Self Love. Change is a Choice.

Revise Your Story and Begin Your New Journey Today.

“Lisa is such a great coach. She is easy to talk to and makes me feel heard and understood. She really helped me to go deep into why I am holding myself back. I had a few aha moments that will really help me going forward. Thank you, Lisa!”

- Kaitlyn R.

"Lisa is easy to talk to and gives very good feedback."

- Shari M.

“Lisa asked the right questions. That way, I suddenly had a great idea to implement my goal in my daily routine. She was very friendly and sympathetic and fun to work with.”

- Juliane S.

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