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    We offer different types of life coaching for each unique journey.

    General Life Coaching

    What do happiness and success look like to you? If you're asking yourself that question, this coaching can help give you the figurative art supplies to paint that picture.

    SGL/LGBTQ+ Life Coaching

    Your coach, who's queer himself, takes an intersectional approach to help you face life's challenges of life and navigate the journey called life when your sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression heightens those challenges.

    POC Life Coaching

    This session takes an intersectional approach to help you face life's challenges of life and navigate the journey called life when your racial identity (or identities) heightens those challenges.

    Social Justice Warrior Coaching

    Fighting injustice is hard work. There's a lot of struggle between successes. This session takes an intersectional approach to help social justice warriors from all walks of life to know their self-interest and purpose. It also provides ample self-care tools and techniques.

    Interfaith Spiritual Coaching

    This session takes an ecumenical, interfaith, and intersectional approach to offer spiritual guidance, whether they have a faith tradition or not.

    Faith Leader Self-Care Coaching

    Faith leadership involves more than sharing a message every week. These sessions are dedicated to helping faith leaders begin and maintain a self-care regimen. But, they also focus on discerning new calls or ministry purposes.

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    Rev. Jason Carson Wilson

    Your journey guide

    Rev. Jason Carson Wilson is an ordained social justice minister minister, certified Life Purpose Coach with Master Life Coach training, Wilson is also an interfaith spiritual coach

    Listening Is My Gift

    I hear you

    Deep listening and the ability to ask powerful and probing questions will help you discern your way forward. Let my gift be your gift.

  • Revise your life

    Benefits of life coaching

    Are you staring at a crossroads and unsure about which way to go? Discerning and discovering a new path can be terrifying. Getting out of our own way often leads to new opportunities and successes. Life coaching can help you stop being your own obstacle and learn how to get out of your comfort zone.

    Your current identity doesn’t have to be your sole legacy. Life coaching gives you the time and space to ponder and reveal hidden passions and ignored skills. Those hidden passions and ignored skills could set you on another life-giving path. It’s possible to discover the passions and skills on your own.

    Only a unique level of motivation would make that possible. Engaging a life coach gives you the tools, techniques, and accountability partner to make lasting transformation a reality. Let REVision Coaching take you on a transformational journey. Together, we’ll REVise your life!


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